About the Company

Shandong Precision Metal Products Co.,Ltd occupies an area of 20000 square meters, with construction areas of 13000 square meters, and the total fixed assets is 800 Million Yuan. At present, it mainly has 5000 tons, 2000 tons, 1000 tons, 315 tons, 250 tons, 200 tons, double acting hydraulic machines, and has 4.2m, 7.2m, cold spinning machine, as well as 7 furnaces for heat treatment of various types of matching natural gases. Besides, there are also 60 sets of various type of auxiliary equipment.

The company main products contains:?spherical shell plates, elliptical heads, dish end , flat bottomed head, spherical head, expansion joints, corrugated furnace and other non-standard shape items etc.
Moreover, throughout the year, there are every types of standard stock heads in stock to deal with customers’ urgent need. Our products are sold across to 20 or more provinces and regions across the country, and also overseas.The main application is Aviation manufacturing,Petrochemical,Steel bridge,Medical instruments,Offshore,Electronic field,Automobile industry,Parts processing,for fire pit and so on.
Our customers belong to different industrial sectors: Petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agro-food, logistics, transports, tanks, water treatments, environment, industrial boiler, heat exchangers, etc.
We manufacture a large range of dished heads and cones to varying shapes and standards: Torispherical head or bottom, Klopper heads (DIN-28011), Korbbogen heads(DIN-28013), spherical caps, flat heads,?Flanged only Head, dished heads for low pressure, spherical covers, diffusion heads, cone heads,?Cones for Pressure Vessels, PRC heads(NFE 81-101), MRC heads (NFE 81-104), GRC heads(NFE 81-102), elliptical heads 1,9:1 (NFE 81-103), elliptical heads 2:1(ASME), hemispherical heads, Shallow Head, Inverted Dished heads and Inverted Cones…

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