Hemispherical Head

It is therefore our greatest wish to comprehensively fulfil the demands of our customers with respect to quality,punctuality and pricing. In order to meet with the associated requirements, we implement a quality management system that conforms to a wide range of national and international standards.

PuRuiSen- Torispherical heads, ellipsoidal heads, dished bottoms for tanks and further specially formed parts for vessels

Do You Experience The Following Issues When Buying Hemispherical Tank Heads

It is difficult to find a Guaranteed China Dish Head Manufacturer.

Uneven quality of Hemispherical Head, Few suppliers can guarantee life-time.

Long lead times, and the delivery time is non-guarantaeed.

Few suppliers can provide solutions in time when you face problems.

Few suppliers have a full-service with design, development, production, sales and technical support.

How to Buy Hemispherical Head from PRS?

Quality products - made in China

From Tai'an, in the heart of Shandong, we supply right across Global to all customers – from very small companies right up to global players - who place value on high quality products.

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With the development of the market, customers have put forward higher requirements for the quality of the tank head, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. The head industry has also exposed some problems: the market competition is disorderly, although the head industry has begun to enter the specialization road. However, most of the […]